About us

Cyberspec brings cybersecurity capabilities efficiently by understanding the workload required, and committing to provide value without compromising cost. 

For example, how often have you encountered an IA contract that can’t manage accreditation expirations, yet with plenty of personnel on the team? 

How about a system administration contract that doesn’t have 24/7 support, yet has a full team of Junior, Mid-level and Senior administrators and are frequently behind on patches? 

These situations are common, it’s not necessarily due to neglect or even bad management. It’s the norm, it’s what has come to be expected as unavoidable. 

We assume that accreditation processes are going to be difficult, time consuming, often late requiring extensions. We assume that there are going to be large percentages of unpatched systems
15 days beyond release. 

We believe RMF takes too long and is more complicated than DIACAP. We think that the NICE Framework and the certification requirements are too hard to maintain. 

These assumptions go on and on, they are the status quo and need to be changed before the underlying contracts will change. Cyberspec aims to redefine the assumptions for our clients.